Cooking exceptional food is at the heart of the Soar Mill Cove story. From the famous pavlova made by Mrs Makepeace for Audrey Hepburn, to our head chef Ian MacDonald's superior command of locally-sourced ingredients, great food is all part and parcel of your experience at Soar Mill Cove.

Situated right on the coast in Devon's South Hams, we are lucky to have some of the very best quality local produce right on our doorstep. We pride ourselves on sourcing our food as locally as possible, with fresh fish and seafood available in abundance in season, and succulent meat that has grazed on the rolling hills that surround us. We update our menu not only according to the season, but also to whatever fantastic finds there are to be had at market that day.

So whether you're whiling away an afternoon on the sun terrace, gazing at the blue sea with a Devon clotted cream tea, indulging in a three-course supper from Ian's market-style menu, or grabbing one of our picnic hampers for the beach, you are guaranteed to sample some of the best food the region has to offer.